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My Story

As an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, Biomedical Engineer, Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Author, I combine native and modern approaches towards creating a unique program package for your optimal health and wellness. I teach individuals how to become proactive on their physical health journey as well as teach them to heal and draw strength from the parts of their lives that keep them from moving forward in their careers and personal lives.


I believe people become truly successful when they are healthy, not only physically but mentally and spiritually too, creating a balance between each component that makes up the human experience. Drawing from the eclectic disciplines in which I have earned my accolades, I'm strategic at innovating effective health program packages for my clients and students that go beyond just the physical.

When I fell ill, over 13 years ago, from ovarian cancer and shortly thereafter, terminally ill from acute myeloid leukemia developed by the radiation therapy I was given for the ovarian cancer, I was told I wouldn't live another 6 months. The cancer was aggressive and violent to all the systems of my body. At my worst, I was weighing 87 pounds, lost all of my hair and was too fragile to get out of my bed. There were moments, I painfully admit now, wherein I asked to be taken from this world because my body was too exhausted to fight anymore but it was also then that I was reminded I could not give up. You see, I was a single mother then and the thought of my daughter's future without her mother wouldn't allow me to let go.


My determination to heal is what led me to extensively study the human condition, the body as a machine in terms of nutrition on a molecular level and its circuitry, as well as its spiritual component, resulting in the above mentioned credentials and the years of experience with nutrition and alternative healing modalities from all over the world. I began with the Gerson Therapy which consisted of juicing plants, enema detoxification and supplements to restore deficiencies. 


As I started gaining weight and feeling better through the chemotherapy treatments, I immersed myself in yoga meditation and examining my ancestry in Puerto Rico, learning Taino shamanism and healing. As months turned into years, I enrolled in yoga teacher trainings,  simultaneously stumbled upon a Reiki Master from Thailand, and became certified in all of the above. I came to the realization that good health is not only dependent upon the body’s physicality but by the integration of the mind, body and soul’s ability to cohesively exist in harmony and balance, as they are nourished with respect to individual body types, needs, culture and preconditioning. This understanding was the culmination of all my studies and using the best of all worlds to heal myself. 

Now, my methodology consists of bridging the gap between the native and modern approaches towards health and wellness, using the best of all worlds to support my clients optimally. Apart from running Hybrid Health & Wellness, I bring health and healing awareness to my community by offering live workshops and group health coaching opportunities. I'm also a lifelong learner and never stop acquiring knowledge and information to continue to offer my clients up to date and cutting edge healing technologies.  

​I believe we all have a unique purpose in this world and that purpose is a gift, as only YOU are able to share that unique gift with the world. When we are in disharmony in any department of our lives, we are not only living unhappily but we are also held back from being able to share that purpose with the world. In turn, you miss out on experiencing a beautiful life and the world is at a loss without your light.

So let's embark on your healing journey together and aim to make your life the dream you've always envisioned; Healthy, Happy & Successful!